Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Meet Our Office Mascot - Cisco

We have one of these little guys living in our office here at work. His name is Cisco (this is not a picture of our actual Cisco, but they look the same).  Last February, my boss and her family went on vacation, and when we arrived at work the Monday following their departure weekend, we found Cisco, a bag of food, and $20.00 in her office with a note asking us to take care of him.  By the time they returned about 2 weeks later, all us ladies had fallen in love with him, and we basically told Lisa they couldn't have him back. 

He has now become a our office mascot and is quite the character.  He's a real chatterbox and can say "kitty, kitty, kitty," "come here," and "pretty bird."  He doesn't like hands, so the only time we're able to get him out of his cage is when he decides to launch himself off the door that's almost always open. (Yes, we keep his wings clipped, so sometimes the launching is more of a thud to the floor, rather than a flutter, depending on how much his wings have grown out.)  Once he's out of his home, he'll hop up on your finger, then jump to your shoulder and sit there for quite a long time. If you're wearing dangly earrings, all the better for him.  He's addicted to hard boiled eggs and millet (aka "birdy crack"), and he's passionately in love with two things: the bell that hangs from the top of his cage and our receptionist, Lynsey.  The rest of us, he tolerates. 

With proper care, these little guys can live up to 15 years.  We hope this is the case with Cisco as he's brought a whole new level of joy to our office.