Friday, December 28, 2012

. . . . Again . . . .

So here I am . . . Again.  On crutches . . . Again.  Just a mere 20 days after my last post with my anticipated races for the year.  Now all those plans have more than likely been flushed down the proverbial toilet.

"So what happened?" you ask.  I . . . have . . . no . . . idea.  There I was, running along Elk River Road, minding my own business, listening to some podcasts, when "Wha???"  What was that?  My foot suddenly started hurting in the same manner it did March 26, 2011, only this time not as intense.  The pain soon went away, only to appear one other time for a millisecond later in the day.  I completely forgot about it.

Monday, December 24, Christmas Eve Morning.  Out for an EZ 4-mile run.  About a mile into it - Ouch!  Brain neurons snapping to attention.  Adrenaline suddenly on high alert.  What's going on?  A vain attempt to make the pain go away by loosening my shoe laces.  Run very easy for another 1/4 mile.  Reality setting in.  My foot is injured again.  Slowly limp the 1.25 miles back home.  Pull the crutches out of the closet and resign myself to being on them again.

So that's where I am at the moment.  I have an appointment with my ortho on Thursday, January 3 - exactly one year since the last time I saw him.  There isn't any pain, just the knowledge that when I try to walk on the foot "something" is wrong.  And the nerves are out of whack again, as well.  I'm covering my bases by icing, ibu-ing, contrast bathing, and doing the whole paint brush on the foot thing again in an effort to get the nerve issue under control.  I have no doubt most, if not all, of my running plans for the year are kapoot.  The questions are (1) how bad is the tear this time, (2) how long do I have to be on the crutches this time (last time - 3 months), (3) when can I start running again, and, quite possibly a fourth (4) am I going to be able to run again or is this a weak point in my foot and decisions have to be made.  While I am trying to not dwelling on the last question, I have to entertain the thought.

In the meantime, I have resigned myself to getting reacquainted with my stationary bike (OUCH re the nether regions) and am doing strength training from a seated position on a stability ball.  Whether or not I will return to pool running (ugh!) depends on the length of rehab.  *sigh*  This stinks.  It really, really stinks . . .

Monday, December 3, 2012

The quote in the picture to the right just about sums up how I feel about running.  I can't say I get up every morning telling myself, "Yea!! I get to run today!" Or on the weekends, "Yea!! I get to spend my entire weekend running!!"  But I can say that I love the feeling of accomplishing what only a few  shorty years ago I would have told myself I could never do.

Have said that . . . .

I have been given the Thumbs Up from Coach Gary regarding a tentative race schedule for next year.  The thought of what I want to accomplish almost nauseates me, but that's a good thing.  . . . Right?  I'm going to be 47 in February.  Obviously getting older, not younger.  If I don't push myself now, then I may never be able to do so.

My goals mean more time alone and less time with my husband.  He is amazingly tolerant of this craziness, and I love him all the more for his support.  I hope he'll be able to accompany on at least a couple of my adventures so I can share the experiences with him.

So far on the schedule for 2013:

May 25-27 - Western States 3-Day Training Camp (70 Miles)
July 13 - Mt. Hood 50

Tentatively on the schedule:
Feb 9 - American Canyon 50k, Auburn, CA
Mar 16 - Rodeo Valley 50k, Marin Headlands, San Fran, CA
Apr 21 - Sunsweet 50k, Redbluff, CA
Sept - Headlands 50, Marin Headlands, San Fran, CA

The February, March, and April dates are what have my butt puckering a bit, so I need to give myself some more think time before committing, because as all us runners know, committing = non-fundable $$.

Headlands - I'm waiting for PCTR to get their 2013 schedule posted to see if they're actually going to run it and, if so, will it be in September.

I'm getting tired just thinking about it all . . . . but it's a good tired.