Monday, March 16, 2009

Time for a Change

Decided it was time for a change to the old blog site. One thing I can't figure out is how to put a picture up on the very top without it TAKING UP A HUGE PART OF THE TOP.

Another change is the way I'll be training this year. After two years of me asking, "How come we're not running for mileage (as opposed to time)?", I will now be running for mileage on my long runs, followed by a medium run the very next day. Hopefully, this means I will do better this year and not feel like dying at Mile 18+ or so.

I've also decided to take medium steps instead of big steps this year, meaning, I am going to alternate running 30ks and 50ks in an effort to build stamina and speed. After having to ditch the Pirates Cove 30k on 03/21 (due to gall bladder surgery, ane now we're going to Australia for two weeks!), my schedule looks like this (fingers crossed):

May 10 - Redwood Park Trail Run, Oakland, CA (30k)
July 11 - SOB, Ashland, OR (50k)
Oct 24 - Whiskeytown, Redding, CA (30k)
Dec 6 - Desert High, Ridgecrest, CA (50k)

SOB kicked my butt last year, so this year I'm out for revenge. (God help me at the 7,000 foot level.) Desert High, I had a 30k PR last year, so I'm ready to kick it up to the next level. Wish me luck!


Dan said...

Something tells me pink is your favorite color! Good Luck with your new training plan. Dan

fatozzig said...

How could you tell? ;o) Thanks!