Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two Weeks and Counting

I am so ready for this training to be over. I am tired, tired, tired. My legs are tired and achy, my back muscles are tired and achy, my feet are tired and achy. I'm always hungry, and the hot flashes and night sweats! Lord have mercy! I'm having one while writing this. Seriously. Hold on a sec while I take off a layer.

Okay - - -

Have you read "Born to Run" yet? If not, you're probably one of the few who hasn't. Even if you're not into running, it's a great book.

Whew - flashing like crazy here - - and I'm not talking boobs, either.


Kate said...

I'm almost excited about this as you are - well, probably not even close but I am pretty excited for you! Remember what Kate says: DRINK and EAT and DRINK and EAT and DRINK and EAT...well, you get the picture.

fatozzig said...

Thanks, Kate! So far the turkey/avo sandwiches and chicken noodle soup are the ticket for me. No nausea for the last 3 weeks of LRs. Yea!

rustyboy said...

I second what Kate says, except I think you should EAT and DRINK and EAT and DRINK.

I guess it's all how you type it.

Enjoy your taper/the taper crazies!

fatozzig said...

Actually, I am quite enjoying this taper. Only 8 miles today. It was wuuuuunderful! :0)