Monday, May 3, 2010

Goal-less and Floundering

It's official. I hate having my next goal so far out (SOB in July). What's the point in getting up at those gad awful hours?

Stop whining, Les, and get your butt out there!

*sigh* That didn't work.


Jerry S said...

Les, count your blessings and feel lucky you are not on the physio's bench at the moment like me.

Keep your base mileage going and see if you can throw in a "short" race/run in just to get some pace back into your legs.

I am going to get out and do 10 km tomorrow, nice and gently to see where I stand. I know exactly how you feel, the long build up and then we run it and we feel bereft.

rustyboy said...

It's just all training for your first 100!

(evil laugh)

Kate said...

Come do the Memorial Day Weekend training runs at WS with Karen and me. That will give you something to look forward to this month!

fatozzig said...

Jer - I wish we had small races here. Oh wait, we do. They're called "road races." Yuck!

Russ - Bite me.

Kate - I wish I could! But it's just not in the stars. There's this thing called "a husband." Oh and being gone for 5 days prior to that weekend. Bummer. You two are going to have a GREAT time, though!