Sunday, July 25, 2010

SOB 2010

I've been asked a few times when I am going to have a race report for SOB, so here it is, in all its (faded) glory.

It was hot, there was still a lot of snow, and I finished 40 minutes slower than last year. The snow was good because it meant I could keep my Coolmax bandana filled, but I definitely couldn't run over it. Tried once and ended up on the ground. I sort of pissed and moaned about my time for awhile, but then my coach reminded me that I had said, "I know I won't have all the miles and training in that I normally would, but I just want to run SOB. If I finish, I finish. If I don't, I don't." . . . Oh yeah. . . . And he believed me?!?

The climbing did me in . . . . as did my now famous rotten handling of nutrition. I need to figure out some way of keeping stuff cold in a drop bag, even though it's sitting in the sun. I found very little at the aid stations that was appealing, and would've loved some chicken soup or a sandwich. The chocolate donut treated me well, but one of the few times Karen and I were running together, she had run out of food so I split my last donut with her.

Toward the end, I was downing watermelon and Coke like it was the only food on earth. The watermelon was so cold and sweet, and the Coke - well, it's the perfect "go juice," isn't it?

Although the climbing got to me, I was able to scoot along pretty dang well on the flats and downs. In fact, I'm very pleased with my performance in those sections. Just wish there had been more of them of which I could've taken advantage.

One humorous situation - I have a benign tremor in my left hand. When I get into the higher mileage, the tremor can be exacerbated. When I arrived in Siskiyou Gap the second time around, hand was shaking so bad, I had a hard time getting my bladder out of my pack. Two of the guys working the aid station ended up fairly worried and grilled me about my salt and fluids intake, and one even asked if my watch (which was on my left wrist) was too tight. I assured them that the shakiness was all just a part of me and nothing to worry about, thanked them for their concern and help. As I was leaving, I could still hear them talking about. I got the same reaction at the next station. Poor people! :o)

So one more run - McKenzie Forest in September - then I'm not allowed to run anymore races until after the new year. I reluctantly agreed to this, but I know it's for the best. . . . . . because I'd like to try for two 50-milers in 2011. We'll see . . .


Kate said...

Great that you soldiered on despite still really in recovery mode since your 50 miler. Just imagine how much stronger you will be next year to tackle two 50s!

rustyboy said...

I hadn't spoken yet on this report?

Well, HELL, you were awesome!

Yes, I even swore a little.