Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 NonJoggers

If you haven't been listening to this podcast, you're seriously missing out. Russ McGarry, Gary the Vale, and Carl the Mailman.

Their theme song:

Two runners and a mailman in a basement in Portland
Discussing all the issues that no one finds important
Opinions, they got ‘em, but experts, they ain’t
Technology as current as Microsoft Paint
They cover lots of topics, from running to walking
And if they sound intelligent, that’s just the beer talking
These are not classes, they talk out their asses
No knowledge is dropping, but still there’s no stopping
The Three Non-Joggers podcast

Check 'em out at: 3 Nonjoggers


3 Non Joggers said...

Thanks for the press, yo!
We've got new ideas for 2011.

Oh yes.

fatozzig said...

I can't wait!