Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My "Kids"

Many of you are aware of my love for cats. We chose early on in our married life to not have children; therefore, I have filled that void with 4-legged hairy creatures instead. We now have 5 cats, with the 2 newest additions having been adopted last August (much to my surprise when I came home from an out-of-town conference).

Our last additions are above on the ottoman (l-r): Oscar and Wilson.

Our other 3 are on the couch (l-r): BK, a feral kitty we captured, neutered, and released, and he chose to stick around. It took weeks of coaxing and a few cans of tuna, but he finally decided to trust me, and 2 years later, well, as you can see, he makes himself right at home. Still a little sketchy at times, but I guess that's to be expected when you've spent most of your life just trying to survive from day to day. Fatso, our old guy, about 17 1/2 years old. The biggest love you'll find, especially if you have a lap available or are standing in front of the heater. Warmth is his best friend these days, cold's an enemy to the ole arthritis. Ziggy came to us about 8 years ago from our vet. He had wandered into a vacationer's yard. He was scrawny, all ears and eyes, and a belly swollen from undernourishment and worms. Of course I couldn't turn him away! After free worming and lots of love and food, he has turned into the gorgeous cat sitting on the chair arm with Wilson,shown in the prior post.

People have asked me what my "name" means: Fat=Fatso, Ozz=Ozzy (one of the best cats I've ever had and who had to put down last year), and Zig=Ziggy.

Yes, I will have to be careful, 'cause I could definitely one day be the old "cat lady" at the end of the street with 14 cats running around!! . . . . sad, but true . . . ;0)

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