Tuesday, May 13, 2008

12 Days and Counting . . . .

"With 0.1 to go I came to the conclusion that I had reached my vomit quota for the month, the effort required to try and make one more pass at the finish would have definitely put me over." (r2farm - runningahead.com)

Probably one of my all-time favorite quotes. Thanks, Farmer Jim!

It's now down to days instead of weeks 'til my first 50k. Yikes! We ran our last long run on Saturday (3.5 hours), and Karen was a bit dismayed to learn later than we'd only accomplished about 10 miles instead of the anticipated 15. Well, not much can be done about it now. We've been putting in enough hours and miles that things should fall into place.

I attached Engo patches to the insides of my shoes and managed to keep from getting anymore blisters, but I did feel points warming up toward the end. I've used so many combinations of socks (including Injinji) and blister prevention "stuff" that I figure this is just my curse to bear for awhile. Will be keeping a very close eye on things during the run.

I took a couple of other steps toward improving my running and myself by purchasing a heart rate monitor and a used mountain bike, for which I will be purchasing a trainer so I can use it as a stationary bike. My aerobic DVDs just aren't cutting it for me anymore with regard to cardio, which is good 'cause it means I'm in much better shape, but at the same time is bad 'cause I have quite a few DVDs which = $$$. Oh well . . .! And with the heart rate monitor, I've been assured by many that it will make me a more efficient runner - - and my PT assured me it will aid in getting rid of this little "ring around the middle" I haven't been able to purge. Alright! Bring it on then!

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