Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mile Stone

Another benchmark in my running career - I hit 50 miles in one week for the first time this past week, with 36 of them happening Saturday (24) and Sunday (12). Yee haw! And except for a slower than normal 12 on Sunday and some leg tiredness, I'm none the worse for the wear. Now, however, I'm in taper time, so won't be seeing those numbers again for a few weeks.

Thursday - Six Rivers Running Club 5k Turkey Trot. PR'd this last year, but I have a 10-mile run tomorrow. Coach Bill will be running it with me Thursday and he helps me push myself, so we'll see what happens.


Dan said...

Nice week. Keep up the good work.

rustyboy said...

Good job, Les! Just think: 50 mpw will feel normal by January.

fatozzig said...

Russ - It ain't a lie if you believe it. :o)