Saturday, April 2, 2011


That's what my boss' 7 year old daughter calls me. She can be a hoot.

Today I did pool running for the first time. It was as exciting and exhilarating as watching paint dry, only without the added benefit of sniffing the paint fumes. No matter, after a minute or so, and once I finally got the rhythm down, I was motoring through the deep end like a snail on speed!

It's actually an interesting workout, with the added benefit of a good arm workout. I figure by between pool running, strength training, and stumping around on crutches, I should be as buff as a female atlas by the end of all this!


Kate said...

Keep up the good work - and attitude. Time to plan for a substitute event. How about White River in July?

fatozzig said...

I'm not even thinking about planning anything until I see what the doc says next Friday. Yesterday and today have not been good days, so we'll see. What I DON'T want to do is too much too soon and end up injured even longer. I do know I'm SICK of the crutches! Grrrrrr. >:{