Friday, April 11, 2008

Training for the Forest Park 50k in May began a couple of weeks ago with much intensity. My current schedule has me running 6 days a week with cardio and strength training thrown in, as well. Plus I started physical therapy two weeks ago to deal with what I thought was a hip flexor problem and turned out to be basically a whole lower half of the body problem. Who knew! My PT routine is a dog, but after only two weeks, I can already tell a difference. I am having problems with what I think is my sciatica (which I've had before), and will have to get that in check ASAP. Today, it's made my right leg feel weak and like it wants to buckle on almost every step.

Even though the run is still 5 weeks away, I am really getting nervous. Tons of thoughts running through my brain. I know I can complete this run. I know I can. But still, there are times when doubts start to cloud my mind. So I'm trying to do the whole "positive visualization" thing, seeing myself crossing the finish line, calling my husband and telling him "I did it!" Celebrating with my friend at the end. Just gotta keep it up, is all. :o)

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