Wednesday, April 23, 2014

20 Days Since My Last Post?

Dang.  Didn't realize it'd been that long.

I'm still hanging in there with the new eating program.  The 30th will be two full months, and although I think I will begin adding a few grains back in here and there, I am going to do my best to keep it at a low level, like maybe up to 150 grams once a day four times a week.  My coach keeps encouraging me to not poo poo things like white rice and sweet potatoes, but I am determined the do a solid 8-week stint of this and then see where I want it to take me.

After the eight weeks, I will try adding things in on Mon, Wed, and Fri, and then some extra recovery carbs after my long runs.  My body still seems to think it's suppose to be getting all these extra carbs, so my long runs have been a bit tough, but I suspect that will change soon.

Right now I'm getting excited about my upcoming Memorial Day Weekend trip and seeing my buds, Karen and Kate.  Saturday's run that weekend will be 25 miles on the Cascade Crest trail in Washington, Sunday's run will be 15 in Kate's territory around Astoria, OR, then we'll head down to Portland and finish up with the Trail Factor 50k in Forest Park on Monday.  I miss those ladies and am looking forward to running with somebody!

Next on the list will be Mt. Hood 50 in July.  That and Dick Collins Firetrails 50 are my goal races for the year.  Goal races to be run without a pacer.  My reasoning - if I want to run a 100-miler, I have to be able to get through 50 miles on my own.  That's the protocol of most 100-mile races.

So there's not much about this year that's not an experiment. Praying and keeping fingers crossed I continue to stay healthy and uninjured!

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