Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Trail Running Friend

Just finished up  my first week of training with Coach Gary.  I'm pleased as punch with how things went.  Also got to run with a new trail running friend, Chris Bush.  Prior to Mt. Hood, Chris had tracked me down on Facebook when he saw that I'm from Eureka.  We met up at the end of the race and have been trying to get in a run together ever since.  He's running Pine to Palm in a few weeks and has had longer runs on his weekend schedule than me until recently.

Karen was with us for the first 10 miles, then we split off from her as we had a couple of more miles to go before we headed back.  Chris is a bit faster than I am, so at times today seemed like a semi-tempo run, but it felt good to have someone forcing me to push myself.  Hopefully, we can run more together 'cause it's a whole lot more pleasant doing long miles with someone than it is alone.

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