Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Percolating Right Along

I'm very pleased with how I'm feeling these days.  Did 7 miles this a.m. with 6 x 100m strides.  The legs were a tad tired toward the end, but at least part of that is the strength training I did yesterday.

Speaking of strength training, I completely slacked off on this over the last four months.  It's time to pick it up again as the muscle tone I worked so hard to gain in my upper body succumbed to the forces of gravity and, well, it just ain't pretty.  (Let's hear it for old lady arm wings!!)  The goal is to be more aggressive in this regard; not to bulk up, but rather to work on the toning aspect which, if memory serves me correctly, replaces muscle with fat, which is oh so much more attractive!

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