Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Low Carb Lifestyle

The amount of information on a low carb lifestyle and its benefits is almost overwhelming.  However, after much reading and talking with others who have adopted this lifestyle, I have decided that at least for the next four weeks, I am going to give it a go.  Why?  Glad you asked!

I turned 48 on February 23, and over the last couple of years, since really settling into menopause, I have found it harder and harder to keep my weight at what I consider best for running.  I struggle to stay under 150, and at the same time, my belly pooch keeps increasing.  This is probably a combination of menopause and hormone replacement therapy, which I could stop, but let's face it - the world does not want Leslie to stop her hormone replacement therapy.  At least not for the moment.  And I like the idea of staying out of jail. (Yes, things were that bad before I started on the drugs).

My coach, Gary Vale, has been talking to me off and on over the past year about a lifestyle change to  eating fewer carbs, but 'til now, it just hasn't seemed like something I want to do.  I mean come on - the world of endurance running has done almost nothing BUT say you can't perform without stuffing yourself with carbs (ever see an aid station table??).  I mean, races even have spaghetti feeds the night before so you can "carbo load."

However, yesterday as I sat at work in  pair of jeans that only a month or so ago fit very comfortably but were now cutting me in two, I decided enough is enough. 

I work hard at being physically fit, but where I used to see progress in my body, I now see things slipping backward at an unbelievable rate.  I'm a slower runner than I was two years ago.  I don't have the energy I used to.  My body is thickening in places I don't want it to thicken.  And I can't believe all of this is simply because I'm getting older.  Something has to change.

I don't expect this to be easy.  I have never been one to count calories or anything like that.  But as one individual I've been talking with told me, if I really want a change, it's going to take work, but will eventually become the norm and it'll be worth it.

So as I step off into the great unknown, I will try and post here more often and provide updates.  I don't know if anybody is bothering to read this blog anymore since I rarely ever think about coming in here, but it will help keep me honest with myself.

I'll back soon ~

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